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UPDATE 18th Feb & Zandvoort Beach

Storms, Snow and Sand...

all seasons in one day

HI All
I think it really is time for an update about how things are going, with me for me etc.

So lets see, Living in Amsterdam has been very exciting, interesting, creatively inspiring, friendly, gezellig etc etc.
There are so many interesting things to see in Amsterdam so first heres a few nice random shots I'd like to show you..


In Vondlepark

Zuiderbad - You might not recoginse this but this is actually the Pool where I swim, its over 100 years old, talk about being immersered in history.


Mini Car - yes these are very small cars, you dont need a liscence to drive them and you can drive up onto the footpath and park it anywhere, no parking fees or hassles. I want one!

Aerobics Grafitti

One of my favourite street works. Anne Frank.

I've finally been making a few good friends and have been enjoying getting to know the town and the people.

The Weather...

Despite it being the middle of winter it has been very warm here in Amsterdam and as you may know there has been alot of talk about the climate change and global warming.
Im personally quite concerned and do what I can to help eg trying to remeber to turn off lights around the house, recycling etc.

For those of you who didnt hear about it we had super storms over here a few weeks ago. Nothing like in Indonesia but it was the worst storm I have ever been in. There were trees fallen over on cars all over the place, windows of buldings totaly smashed through. I was actually out of the house on that day and was cycling!!!

I remember stopping by one of the canals to watch a portaloo get pushed around by the wind and then watching the water from the surface of the canals, which looked more like a stormy sea, being lifted off the surface and blown through the air in wispy, watery gusts. It was truly incredible.

Yes this tree has fallen onto two parked cars. Luckily none was in them.

Cycling into town was not such a problem but on the way back heading into super super strong winds on my bike was almost impossible.
At one time the wind was so strong I had to stop. And when I did so I suddenly was being driven backward on my bike from the power of the wind. Scarry but exciting and a totally new experience.
At one point also while I was cycling, a big gust came and pushed me off the bike path, across the curb, over the footpath, over the grass and almost into a hedge. Eeek. I was lucky I managed to stop myself but there was a moment where I was bracing myself for inpact and all the possibilities to be the least hurt rushed through my mind, Ie to I try fall off before I hit the hedge, do I just brace and hope for the best...

Thank goodness I was ok. I made it home without a tree falling on me or without being thrown off my bike and into a canal.

Talking about being thrown off my bike, I had my first bike accident a couple weeks ago. It wasnt my fault though.

Theres this strange intersection in Amsterdam where the lanes split into two and often the cars turning to the left are waiting while the right lane can go through. What happened to me is that an idiot turning to the right tried to rush through so first he rushed his car around me on my bike but when he realised he wasn't going to fit between the waiting left turning cars and the curbe he slammed on his brakes and my brakes just werent strong enough to stop me that quickly. I managed not to drive straight into the back of him but swirved to the side but there are these poles that line the edges of the roads in Amsterdam called "Amsterdammertjes" and I ended up being bounced against them and the side of the car and then my ribs slammed into his mirror and I was thrown off onto the footpath.
I managed to get up and cycle away from it but ended up with sore ribs and various bruises and a sore back for a few days.

And now going back to the weather, I HAD MY FIRST REAL SNOW!!!!
The first down fall was really light and melted as soon as it hit the ground.
And it was really warm weather still hence it was totally surprising to see.
But then the next day it really snowed. There was white everywhere!! It was so so pretty. I loved it. But today was sunny and warm. Whats happening to the weather??

Me in the Snow on my deck


The view from my deck


There has also been many beautiful days where I've really enjoyed, (genieten) from being in Amsterdam.


Me infont of Canal and De Waag

The bulding behind me is The Waag. For me it is historically one of the more interesting buildings in town because...
"The upper floors housed four guilds for some time, namely those of the smiths, painters, masons and surgeons. Each guild had its own entrance tower. In 1632 Rembrandt van Rijn was commissioned to paint the surgeons at work, and the resulting Anatomical Lesson of Dr. Tulp made his name. In 1691 a theatrum anatomicum was added, which became famous for admitting (paying) members of the public to witness human dissections"

I've also been busy with various little film projects and am currently working on a music vid I have directed and have a few potential projects possibly coming up in the hopefully near future so thats very exciting.

Here's me filming with Justine for a doco she directed and I helped edit.


New Shoes

Today (17th Feb) I went to the beach not too far from Amsterdam, about 20mins or so on the train. It was really nice being at the beach again.
Was even lucky enough to get some sun in the afternoon.
There was quite a few people there too, Lots of Dogs, children, Gay Couples and some people on horses.


I also found a totally amazing site...





I hope you enjoy the photos and I'd love to hear from you all.
Also if you havent seen it already check out my Myspace page, www.myspace.com/natassiaw

Take Care
Love Always

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Amsterdam Update 13th December

all seasons in one day 7 °C


It's been a little while since I let you all know how Im doing.

I'm doing pretty well. I got a semi job to keep me alive and occupied but am looking for something more stable and hopefully directing me toward the film/TV or theater industry.

I am missing making music videos and films etc, I wish I had a video camera so I could do something. I might play around with some phtoographic annimations or something.


Here's some photos from the last couple weeks in Amsterdam.


Firstly The Famous....

Roose Buurt / Red Light District


These ones a friend took but they give you a little idea of the Red Light District..

You're not really allowed to take photos hence why they are pretty blurry and its not too easy at night.

It was actualy VERY TAME. Not what I expected. The girls were very ordinary some very beautiful even and not at all what I thought prositiutes should be like.

It was actually funnier watching and listening to all the comments of the hordes of Brittish guys that were there.

But yes in general it was very tame, clean and safe.

Then a friend who I met on my travels, Sean an awesome Ausi guy, hired a couple of bikes and did a massive cycle all around Amsterdam.
Right out to the forrest. It was really nice.
Especially riding through the forrest, reminded me of times I've been to Nederlands before riding on the back of my Opa's bike, with my feet in each the attached shopping bags, cycling through the forrest around Eemnes and then we'd stop at this ice cream shop in the middle of the forrest and have iceblocks.

Me Rugged Up

Me and Sean on bikes by house boats

House Boats

This next photo I found quite interesting to watch... Have a close look and see if you can guess what it might be..

Concrete Trash


Here's a few photos I particularly like.

I've become very interested in Grafitti at the moment.

I cant wait to have a day to cycle round Amsterdam and photograph all the neat works of arts I've seen on the walls around the streets. Some very nice works.

I may even make a page dedicated to Grafitti art!



Grafitti by De Waag 2

And My favourite...

Grafitti 1 By De Waag
This is my FAVOURITE!!

This next photo you will only really appreciate if you've been to Nederlands before..

I'll explain it for those who think it looks farily ordinary, and are thinking so what.. Some sunglasses in the window of a shop.

Well thoses little windows are quite famous here. Ususally they are filled with hot foods such as hamburgers, kroketten (which are like sausage rolls but not, and coated with a breadcrum type coating) Etc.

There is a famous brach of food shops which are called FEBO which sells food via these little windows, you put your coins in the slot and then vwalla you can open the window and get your food. I'm never sure how long the food has been sitting there but I havent dared buying anything from the famous little windows yet. This sunglass shop worked the same way but instead of 1 or 2 euros it was 20 or something. Cool recycling idea I thought.


And now a couple of my apartment Im in at the moment untill the end of the month.

Sky from my bedroom window

Apartment block from my balcony

And this next one is of me in my apartment.. With my new hats, the one on my head from a market here in Amsterdam, NoordeMarkt and the one in my hand from Paris. Oh and the fan from Barcelona.


And I was very excited about my shopping you see below I bought at the Organic market.

My shopping from the Organic market

And one of Me and my Great Uncle Oom Harry

Me and Oom Harry

Well thats all from me for now.. Hopefully you received my email which sort of goes with this entry, if not let me know and I'll send it to you.

Untill Next Time


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My St. Nick Boat Trip

And a lovely sunny day in Amsterdam

sunny 12 °C

Hi All.

This is my new blog, don't worry I will continue to add the photos and log from my travels but have opened this new blog to cover my time from now on in The Netherlands.

Today, 16th November I had a lovely day. I went on the Saint Nicholaas boat trip. Have a look at the Web Page! http://www.petermoskos.com/boat/index.html

Basically its a wonderful alternative to the crowded tourist boats most people do here in Amsterdam.

The St. Nicolaas Boat Club of Amsterdam is a non-profit
organization dedicated to the preservation of historic
boats on the Amsterdam canals.


I hope you enjoy my photos!

Oh first though, The Gander Traffic Jam I was lucky to spot and a little late in snapping with my camera but its funny though.

It was really funny seeing all these geese on the road and all the drivers honking but the geese taking there time to wonder over.

Funky Arty Scooter

Scooter Troubles anyone??

Note: You may need to look closly at this pic.
Also the tables behind are where I had my cofee this morning and made a new friend who will be living in Amsterdam from Janurary, Yesss finally a Amsterdamian friend!

Me at the Front of the Boat

The Birds taking thier time to get out of our way Much like the geese.. but we didn't have to stop. Hehe.

Pretty Amsterdam Trees Along the Canals

Neat Old Car

This is the smallest/skinniest building in Amsterdam, number 17. Its the two widnows between the white building and the red brick one on the right.


Drawbridge Amsterdam Style



Try Finding Space for you're 2 wheeler. If You're njot careful it may end up like...


The Arty Boat One of my favourites.

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